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Project Overview

This project is being facilitated by the Heritage Education and Skills Centre (HESC) and aims to collaborate with relevant partners (industry, schools, training providers and property owners) to implement a project aimed at building the capacity of youth to undertake heritage conservation, restoration and maintenance projects on community heritage assets. The project will be piloted over a three year period, with view of demonstrating the viability for ongoing sponsorship. The project will be rolled-out in several municipal areas regions, however the model can be extended or moved to other regions if the demand arises. Southern Midlands, Glamorgan/Spring Bay, Derwent Valley, Tasman and Brighton Councils are the partners for the initial phase of the project).


This project seeks to build capacity in youth  and to assist them to find employment in their local area specifically in preserving the heritage assets of those areas. In brief, the project will take at least five skill sets, each aimed at undertaking conservation/restoration work on community heritage assets (e.g. council owned buildings, cemeteries, streetscape projects etc) and give participants training in each.

Some of the skills sets learned will be:

  • Approaches to heritage projects (planning, site setup, site management, OHS etc.)
  • Stonemasonry and stone repair
  • Plaster, render and traditional lime products
  • Brick repair
  • Carpentry and timber repair
  • Glazing and window repairs

This work will be formulated as a training program, whereby HESC staff will be instructing the participants in traditional building/craft skills, building their capacity in these specialist skills which can be used in assisting them to achieve future employment.

Image1Four projects will be undertaken per year (over an initial three year period) – one in each municipal area (although not necessarily on a single site). Each Council has nominated project for each of the three years, with a focus on undertaking restoration/conservation works on a public heritage building or site (for example, historic community halls, cemeteries, other public buildings etc).

The program will be aimed at unemployed youth, disadvantaged/regionally challenged youth, and youth who are seeking to up-skill themselves to improve employment prospects. The program will seek to target youth who are in danger of slipping into long-term unemployment particularly through being regionally challenged. Key agencies in recruiting participants will be local high schools, job network providers etc.




Regional Projects

The following projects are proposed as part of the 2017 Heritage Regeneration line-up

Brighton Brighton

The Brighton Army Camp hospital was established in 1939 as part of the commissioning of the Brighton Army Camp as the training ground for all of Tasmania’s WWII soldiers. The building is the last remaining physical remnant of the site’s rich military history and use of the place as a migration centre. As such it is now an important representation of Tasmanian wartime and immigration history.

The building has fallen victim or decay and vandalism since the 2000 disbandment of the camp.  Brighton Council intends to restore the building as a community centre for the rapidly growing surrounding residential area as part of the Brighton Army Camp Community Park Proposal.  Guided by an existing conservation management plan, this project involves training participants in the following:

  • Project approaches, site management and OH&S
  • Researching and replicating early paint finishes
  • Plaster repair
  • Basic carpentry and joinery repair
  • Floor sanding and finishing

Work to commence May 2017. APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!

Derwent Valley Derwent Valley
The Willow Court Walls Project at New Norfolk aims to undertake restoration and repair work on a section of the historic perimeter wall of the Willow Court complex.  The wall dates from the 1830s and is a very important part of Tasmania’s Heritage.  This project will be supported by the Friends of Willow Court and the Derwent Valley Tidy Towns Committee.  Currently, the section of wall is weathering, has been the subject of graffiti and the area is overgrown with weeds.  This project seeks to repair and restore this section of wall and to undertake landscaping to improve the overall setting of the historic site.  

The New Norfolk project involves training in (at least) the following skills:

Occupational health and safety (including attaining White Card)

  • Mortar repairs
  • Brick repair
  • Making and applying limewash
  • Use of traditional materials
  • Landscaping

Work to commence November 2017.  

Southern Midlands

Southern Midlands

79 High Street Oatlands is a small, typically Victorian (c1885) shop which is owned by Southern Midlands Council as part of the Oatlands Commissariat complex. The building had, for many decades, been used as a residence, where the shop was partitioned into three rooms and the original shopfittings removed.  However, these fittings were stored on-site and offer the opportunity for reinstatement in a restored room. The building is to be used as a training room, showroom and offices for the Heritage Education and Skills Centre and it is desirable to restore the shop using traditional methods and materials to showcase the mandate of HESC in its primary public space. Guided by an existing conservation management plan, this project involves training participants in the following:

  • Project approaches, site management and OH&S
  • Render and plaster repair
  • Basic stonemasonry, stone repair and pointing
  • Carpentry
  • Traditional paint and floor finishes

Work to commence May 2017.


How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a participant, please see the following documents:

Selection Criteria and Recruitment Process

Paper Based Application Form
Paper Based Application Form

Online Application Form

Or call the following HESC staff who can help you

Brad Williams
Project Manager
Email: brad.w@centreforheritage.com.au
Phone: 0418 303 184

Charlie Renner
Education Support Officer
Email: charlie.r@centreforheritage.com.au  
Phone: 0428 776 252